VIDEO: Navy Kenzo – Morning

Navy Kenzo - Morning

VIDEO: Navy Kenzo – Morning – Navy Kenzo have released their second music video from their debut album the single, “Morning”. Morning is the official 6th single from their album, AIM. which was released in January 20, 2017. The video was shot in one day during their latest tour at various locations in Israel and directed by Smirnov Gleb and Avi Johnny Azri.
The duo approached Smirnov Gleb with a basic idea for Morning, and from there they developed the concept together. The video comprises of a less vibrant, dull greenish theme with the duo having some classic fun romantic moments and creating random little scenes in front of a number of diverse backdrops.

“We chose Morning as the second single and video from the album, seeing as we got a lot of great feedback about the song from fans and Israel was a perfect place to pull it off. It’s also one of our favorites from the album.”

The song is an ultimate pop and down-tempo which fits the less vibrant, dull colors of the video. This video does tell an explicit story through storyline, musically the song isn’t ‘dark’, which also inspires the use of the colors and interesting compositions. The song does however feature a bit of an edge and to accompany that, they chose some city views and street localities.

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